<div class="Version_Items"> <date>May 24, 2017</date> <p> Version 1.0.32 </p> <div> 1. Currency symbol in the cart panel. <br> <i> Due to some limitations, the currency symbol on the cart panel was showing only as $, now we can manually add any currency through the MAIN widget option panel.</i> <br> </div> </div>
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Shopify Store
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Shopify Store

Not some fake animation, but true scroll effects.

The only real Muse Widget for making an online store in Muse.

 Adobe Muse Shopify Store


An eCommerce solution that covers all our needs, no limitation, no hassle, just a beautifully crafted widget that allows you to create a store in Muse, based on Shopify.
Shopify provides the most powerful back-end for you to manage all your sales, product, inventory and everything related to the backbone of an online store, now combine it with the powerful designing tools in Muse, to create a professional looking front-end for your store in no time. We are confident that most Shopify users will also find Muse as a new way of doing things now.


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You won't believe what you can do with this widget:


Cart Panel

  • Fully customizable from the buttons to the movements.
  • Now for the first time ever, a Muse platform is providing you with a fully customizable cart panel for Shopify. Design it as you please, from everything to the buttons to the movements.

In Page Checkout

  • Keep the entire shopping experience on the same page.
  • Everything happens on the page, even the final checkout process. It makes the shopping experience seamless and keeps users where they should be, on your own page.
  • If you don't want to use the in-page checkout, you also have the option of opening checkout in a new tab, in a new page, or in an external pop-up window.

Fully Responsive

  • Take full advantage of all the responsive tools in Muse.
  • It is not magic, we just separated each part of the widget into page objects so you can take advantage of responsive features, breakpoints, and all the available tools in Muse.


  • Design and fully style it like any Muse object.
  • Now you can have a beautiful design for the variation dropdown, just design it as you design any object in Muse and fully style it. You can also have multiple variations for your Shopify products.


  • Bring everything from Shopify.
  • Control your product descriptions without even opening Muse by using Shopify’s powerful text editor. Include text, tables, images, and videos inside your descriptions.  


  • Upload your images straight to Shopify.
  • Simply upload your images to Shopify and the product images will appear on your site. The images are fully responsive.
  • You can upload multiple images per product. You can also add alt tags to your images to make them SEO friendly. 


  • Use it as an Add to Cart button or Checkout button.

  • Simple yet powerful, the button is an essential part of any Shopify store. When clicked the cart will automatically be opened, however, you're free to disable that action. Set it to checkout to have the button open the checkout window when clicked.


Single Variations

  • Place it anywhere on the page.

  • Like shops where you can easily click a separate circle to select a color or size, now we can create a fully customizable one by using Single Variations. We thought of everything here and made it so that you can even move it and place it anywhere on the page.



  • Set different prices for variations.

  • Fully control the price of your products directly from Shopify. Set different prices for your different product variations and the price will auto-update itself for the selected variation.


Animated Cart Number

  • Keep track of Cart Items.

  • Decide if you want a button to open the cart, or have an animated effect on the Added-Items Number to show users that the product was successfully added to the cart.



  • The title can be fully customized within Muse like any other text object by using the Text Panel. It can also be updated at any time, without opening Muse, simply by changing it from Shopify's backend.

Shopify Muse Store (Basics)

on 21 May 2017
​​ Preview Help / Docs A general overview of the different parts, and how each one functions separately and and as a part of the store.
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Shopify Muse Store (Customization)

on 21 May 2017
​​ Preview Help / Docs In-depth tutorial for Shopify Store muse widget, showing how wach single part of the widget can be styled, and be used in a project.
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