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Ink 3PRO
Plugin for Adobe XD

Ink 3

Save time, and do more with text in Adobe Xd.

A powerful toolkit for Adobe xd/

Ink v.3

A powerful toolkit for Adobe Xd


Ink v.3 provides must-have features that are not in Adobe XD by default. Ink features provide better control over the texts and how to resize, change, and replace them in Adobe XD to save you so much time and give you a broader control over the type and style it.


What's new?

  • Real-time processing
  • Easy element selection (Entirely new panel/tool)
  • Select group (Entirely new panel/tool)
  • Auto line-height & enhanced Smart Push
  • Auto element detection
  • Completely new interface


1.  Real-time find & Replace

  • Find & Replace any word or sentence throughout the entire project (multiple artboards at once). 
  • Real-time (New in v.3)
  • Better support for groups (New in v.3).
  • Case sensitive in find & replace.
  • Exact-match in find & replace.

2.  Uniform font-size and Line-spacing control

  • Change the font size of all the selected texts, or on the entire project, in one click. This technique allows increasing or decreasing the font-size or the line-spacing on all elements at once, and each uniquely based on their original values. 
  • Automatically changes the line height to match the font size. (New in v.3).

3.  Easy-Select (New in v.3)

  • If you ever want to select elements in your project based on some shared properties (e.x same font-size), you can Easy-Select will do it for you in a blink of an eye. 
  • Select which character you want to keep as search criteria, so you do not need to stick to all the reference characteristics. For example, if you're reference is a text with 16px font-size and black text color, then you can choose only to use the font-size (as the searching criteria) to select similar items.
  • Multi-referencing allows you to select an element as the reference, and then it automatically selects all the items/elements on the projects with the same characteristics.

4.  Select-Group (New in v.3)

  • Group elements for selection purposes — Don't let them get in your way, though.
  • Select-groups allow more flexibility while working on elements that are not entirely related to each other and are only required to be selected together on occasions.
  • For example — If you need to select all the title texts on all the artboards in a project, but you do not want to attach them as a regular XD grouping does, you can select-group them. This way, you do not have to double-click on each one when editing them separately, and if you need to change them at the same time, you can select them at once by clicking on the select group. 
  • Unlike the regular groups in XD, in which you can add an element in only one group, you can add elements, from multiple regular groups, in select-groups. This can come in handy if the element/s is part of various groups of elements you want to select on several occasions during the design process.

Implemented technologies

  • Real-time processing – Unlike previous versions, in version 3, the plugin performs as you type a word or select an element. There is no need to go all the way to the final action to see the final result, and you will be able to see the live selection information while you are working. E.x You can see the number matches as you type the keyword while doing a Find and Replace.
  • Enhanced probing – In version 3, we enhanced the algorithm that renders the page to perform the actions, and it works almost two times faster than the previous versions on Ink plugin.
  • Group targeting – The plugin applies to all the groups and the texts within the groups and masked-groups, no matter how complex the grouping structure is.
  • Smart Push – The selected text elements push each other down if they are being resized too big to overlap each other, so you can work with the resize tool in the plugin, without being worried about overlapping the selected text elements.
  • Auto-detection allows working with the plugin without selecting a specific element. The plugin automatically detects changes on the artboard and performs the actions as soon as you hit the button. 
  • The mass selection allows you to select multiple artboards, and the plugin automatically detects all the text elements to be affected by the plugin. 
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