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PhotoSplash Pro v.2
Plugin for Adobe XD

PhotoSplash Pro v.2

A revolutionary Xd plugin to bring images into your projects.

The best way of using images in XD. Access to hundreds of thousands of photos by using multiple searching methods.

Now with the power of panels in XD, you can keep designing and have your PhotoSplash opened at all time, so whenever you needed a photo, you have a powerful tool ready to use.

What is new in version v.2

  • Image creation. (Select an XD artboard, and PhotoSplash generates photos with a dimension you pick).
  • Page navigation. (Now you can navigate through pages on the image results).
  • Apply to Multi-level Groups (Now we can also apply to groups and all the elements within, and the groups inside them).
  • Advanced search (you can choose to have random results for a specific search parameter).
  • New menu panel (Easy access to quality selection, settings, and source selection through one single menu).
  • Faster & more versatile (We made it from scratch, to make it better, faster and errorless, now it works at least 1.5x faster than version 1)



  • Save your photos, and organize them directly in XD.
  • Apply to Repeat Grids.
  • Searching by Username and Collection ID.
  • Faster API calls, and more entries.
  • We are working on the Pro version and new exciting features will be announced soon.


  • Searching by Keywords (Normal & Radom)
  • Searching by Unsplash Username 
  • Searching by Unsplash Collection ID 
  • Loading random photos
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