<div class="Version_Items"> <date>June 28, 2017</date> <p> Version 3.1.24 </p> <div> 1. Performance issue is fixed, runs faster and more stable. <br> <i> To update, replace only the MAIN widget.</i> <br> <br> 2. The scrolling issue on the latest versions of Firefox is fixed. <br> <i> Replace the "Inside Pages" widget with the one fromt he previous versions.</i> </div> </div> <div class="Version_Items"> <date>March 1, 2017</date> <p> Version 3.0.2 </p> <div> 1. Lazy-Load. <br> <i> Makes the entire project load faster by loading each slide when it enters the page.</i> <br> <br> 2. New option for controling HTML videos. <br> <i> Choose to have videos stop when slide leaves and start when slide enters the screen.</i> </div> </div>
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Page Slider
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Page Slider

Design quickly. Navigate Uniquely.

A revolutionary way of navigation in Adobe Muse, created and designed for Muse originaly by QooQee.

What is Page Slider?

An Adobe Muse widget for navigating trough individual pages that are designed in Muse. Simply create all your pages separately in Muse and use Page Slider to place them in a unique navigational system that is not only trendy but easy to control and customize.



Why Page Slider?

  • Page Slider gives you a fully customizable navigation; all the navigation features such as tooltips, arrows, and menu buttons can be fully customized to match the design.
  • Every design element in Page Slider v.3 is customizable as a separate page-object in Muse, this way you are able to move the object around, pin them, and style them just the way you want them.
  • All the sections have sort order number and can be sorted manually. if you decided to change something, all you need to do is to change it on that single page and publish again, this allows you full control over each page individually.
  • Page Slider v.3 gives you the control over the transition, speed, and navigation type, you can choose between 12 different easing styles, have customized speed for transition, and enable keyboard navigation. 




  • Add unlimited sections and now, in version 3.0, up to 20 slides for each section.
  • Slide Picker is a powerful tool that is designed for the version 3.0 to allows navigating through slides like never before, this feature is designed by us from scratch and no other page sliding system is capable of providing this.
  • Unlike version 2, now in version 3.0, we can add buttons inside each individual page, inside our responsive menu widget or anywhere that you want to create your navigation.
  • Besides the navigational buttons, we added next/prev/up/dow navigational buttons that can be placed on the Main page and the individual pages as well.
  • Tooltip navigations and slide navigations are now free-form and can be customized like any other page-object (Fully customizable).
  • Tooltip text is a new widget that allows you to add a text to any one of your tooltips (Fully customizable).


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