Video Player Pro

A better player, for professionals


Fully controls how video plays, when it plays, and how player looks like.

Responsive Height

Control the height of your player precisely the way you want, you have both options to:


  1. Proportionally maintains the height based on the real dimensions of your video.
  2. Set the height as a percentage of the browser's height.

Overlat Filters

Play/Pause  on scroll

You can decide if you want the video to play:


  • Only when the entire video enters the screen.
  • When half of the video enters the screen.
  • Or just plays normally as soon as the page loads.

Lazy Load

Heavy videos are not a problem anymore. Check this option to have the video load only when users scroll to it, and let your website loads faster and more stable.

Magic Controls

Not any customizable controls; complete freedom in styling the smallest part of the player, and have it behave like a page object, placed anywhere on the page.

Multiple Instances

You are not limited to one copy or two, place as many as you want and have each one in a unique way.

Overlay Filters

If you have the video as background-video or just for styling, pick one of the trendy overlays that can be used to have the text over the video looks more readable.

Included with the widget

Pre-styled samples

Easy setup...

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