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Table Pro

Sync live from Google Sheets & CSV files.


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Data Table Muse Widget

Overview Video


Search, Sorting, Next, Previous, Row selector, and more


Fully customize your search bar, change the font, color, and shape, and place it wherever on the page you want it to be.


Both the Next and Previous button can be assigned to any object in Muse, so there is no limitation here, do whatever you want to design them and place them freely on the page.

Row number selector

There is no need to assign a large portion of the page to your huge table, minimize it to a few rows, and let the users decide how many rows they want to see. It will be you who can customize those options completely in Muse so you can make sure your design always stays perfect and pretty.


Why not give them the option to download the entire table? Design any object in Muse and use it as the download button. Who doesn't like a fully customized download button?


Sorting has never been this easy, detailed customization options allow you to design the appearance of the sorted column and you can have a smooth animated sorting arrow and customize with all the details.


Start from ready samples

All you need to do is to insert your CSV file, or link your Google Sheet to the pre-designed tables, and you'll get a beautiful table on your site in less than a minute.

Tutorial & Documentation.

This widget is one of the simplest widgets to work with, everything is designed to be user-friendly and straight forward, but we also provide full documentation to back you up.

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