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Adobe Muse widget by qooqee.com

Create a professional Pop-Up &

Define how often the Pop-Up shows up to each visitor

With Smart Pop-Up you can create professional multi-purpose Pop-Up with advanced timing control. You can use any content in a your Pop-Up by placing in its container.

Widget Options

Advanced timing  /  Page overlay  /  Close button /  Animated transition





By having the option to limit the number of times for each visitor to see the pop-up window,  your visitors will not be annoyed by seeing the pop-up every single time.

You can use any object in Muse for your pop up window. it comes with a ready-to-place container, and you can define your own container as well.

You can choose an animation type for the opening and the closing actions of your pop-up window.  The timing for each action can be defined separately.

Show Always

The Pop-Up window appears every time the visitor open the page, and/or the page is reloaded

Once every X days for each visitor

The Pop-Up window appears only once in every certain number of days. For example, if you select this option and enter 1 in the next option box, the pop-up appears to every visitor only one time a day, no matter if they refresh the page or close/open the browser, then if they come back to your website a day after, the pop up window appears again.

Only once every session

The Pop-Up window appears to every visitor only once in each session. A session resets everytime they close and open the broser. So if a visitor comes to your page, the pop up window appears. Then the pop-up does not appear even if they refresh, but if they close the browser, open it again, and go to your website, the pop up window appears again.

You will receive two .png files for close icon that you can add to the widget. However, you can create your own close icon and save it as a png, jpg, or gif file then add it to the widget here.

Remote triggering can be used to activate your pop-up window by clicking on a button.


To make a trigger:

1. Creat an object and assign a Grpahic Style in it.

2. Type the style name in the widget option panel.


You will get a ready-to-go container when you place the widget, which already has a Graphic Style name assigned to it, so you do not need to be worried about creating a Graphic Style. But if you wanted to place another Pop Up window in another page as well, then you have to create a new Graphic Style to type its name inside the new copy of the widget that you have on that page.

Even though it is not mandatory, remember to Redefine the Graphic Style before preview/publish.

There are a handful of different transitions that are ready for you to choose from. If you want the pop up window to appears without any transition, just unchecked this section.

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