Vertical responsive Muse Widget

Vertical Responsive Positioning    Adobe Muse Widget





Center objects vertically.

You can use this widget to have your objects stays at any percentage, the widget uniquely calculates all the dimensions and keep the objects stay at a certain percentage of the page at all time.

How to use



Pin your object to where you want it located on the page.

It does not matter if you pin it to the top or bottom but what will be defined by pinning is the horizontal position, the vertical position will be responsively taken care of by the widget.

Place the widget on the page, then select the object that you want to vertically position. Open the Hyperlink panel and Type “VP” in the tooltip panel, then after VP type the percentage Number.

For Example

If you want the object to be exactly centered on the page, type VP 50

Click Here to see the live sample

How to use

Vertical responsive Muse Widget