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PayPal Store

Style every part of your store directly in Muse, just like any other page-object.

Muse PayPal Store widges is engeneered the way that it connects all the parts of the store automatically, they can be moved, resized, and styled individually. The widgets is designed this way to give us maximum customization level for the store layout and indivisual parts.

See a customized sample


Add shipping, discount, variations, and much more

Powerful Buy Button

We can have it as Add to cart, Donation, or just a Buy Now button, and take advantage of many styling options in the widget to get a professional buy button.


We have a container only for the notifications that can be fully styled and customzied, to notify users when an item is added to the cart.

Cart Panel

We have created a way for Muse designers to design their entire cart panel easier than how it can be done in any other platform. The cart panel is simply a container that can be fully styled, and all the elements such as checkout, total number and added-items  can be fully designed separately as well.

Added-Items indicator

We can choose to have an animated indicator anywhere we want on the page, and when an itam is added to the cart, it updates automatically and shows the amount of added items in the cart.

You don't need to start from scratch, we even have professionally-designed store templates for you.

We already made some beautiful ready-to-use store templates in multiple styles that can be easily customized.


All you need is a PayPal account & Muse

Create a PayPal account.

Get your content ready.

Use the QooQee widget.

Publish your store.

Full documentation & tutorials, with all the details.

Even though using Muse PayPal Store is simple and straight forward, we have detailed instruction and help documents for each part of the widget.

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