New in v.2

Fluid Styling

Revolutionary new way of styling the entire posts in Muse. Rearrange, add or remove elements, scale, and basically apply any changes to the post structure.

Native — Independent


The all-new engine


Utmost flexibility, intuitive styleability.

It is Easy.

Too many features? This is a good thing. The good news is that we made the Blog/CMS widget very easy-to-use, so you won't have to spend too much time just to figure things out.

Included in the package


  1.  Blog samples (.Muse files) + Plain Style (.Muse file)
  2. The Blog/CMS library (.Mulib) contains the following widgets:
    1. Muse Blog/CMS & Category Menu
    2. Search Box
    3. Tag Cloud
    4. Recent Posts
    5. Post Field Loader
    6. Additional CSS

Browser compatibility

The blog may work on older versions as well


  • Chrome 57 or higher
  • Safari 10 or higher
  • Firefox 51 or higher
  • Opera 31 or higher
  • Android Chrome 48 or higher
  • IE 11 or higher




Each license can be activated on a maximum of two domains / subdomains. Unlimited instances of the Blog/CMS can be installed and used on several directories on each domain/subdomain.  Each license can be used for one single end-customer of yours only.

Server requirements

Most servers meet the following requirements, but If you are unsure, please contact your hosting provider to check.


  1. PHP version 5.2.17 or greater
  2. BC (Business Catalyst) does not support PHP, so the blog/cms cannot be installed on BC (Business Catalyst) servers.
  3. Apache Server
  4. PDO MySQL / Sqlite drivers installed
  5. Post_Max_Size set to 4MB or higher
  6. cURL
  7. mbstring extension




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