Menu Smart Adobe Muse Widget



For larger screens

  • The menu appears after a certain point and stays there
  • This approach is good for larger breakpoints, in which users surf the site on a relatively larger screen and it would be fine if the menu stays at the top at all time (after a certain point).



For Smaller devices (Phones and talets)

  • The menu appears at he top, disappears when user scrolls down, re-appear as soon as user scrolls up.
  • By scrolling up and attempting to reach the top, the menu shows up all of a sudden and users do not need to scroll all the way up. This approach is good for smaller breakpoints, in which we do not have enough room on the page to include the menu and since users can see the menu only on scrolling up, they can have access to the menu as soon as they decide to.

Scroll up

Menu Smart