A new engine, faster and more equipped with advanced features such as Lazy-loading, to make the smoothest experience of a web gallery.

the lazy-load is only one of the many features we have in Infinity gallery. The gallery itself is engineered to handle larger photos much more smoothly than any web gallery we have ever created before.

See a customized sample

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    Since the first version of Fluid,  our aim was to create a gallery for Muse that is both fast and reliable. Creating Fluid from the ground up allowed us to make it faster, lighter, and with a totally new engine. By and large, it delivers features not only unique among Muse widgets, but also among any gallery plug-ins in other platforms on the web.

Adobe Muse responsive image and video gallery widget

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V.1 — 2018

Image & Video Gallery.

The Ultimate Adobe Muse

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Facebook and DISQUS commenting system, seamlessly integrated to allow users comment on each individual image/video.

With our built-in commenting system, allows your visitors to comment on each item separately. You can easily style, manage, and moderate the comments. These are some of the features we have in the Infinity commenting system:

  • Multi-language
  • Fully stylable
  • Easy Modetation
  • Item oriented

Gallery templates

We have already designed ready-to-customize templates for you.

We have saved you some time, start from one of the gallery templates, see how it is done, explore around, and customize it for your own.

Smart Ratio

Smart ratio, a new feature that allows each thumbnail to have the unique ratio of its image.


Height options


A percentage of the browser's height. Can be set on each breakpoint separately.


Based on the thumbnail's image proportion.


A fixed number of pixels. Can be set on each breakpoint separately.

Filtering & Search

Introducing the new filtering system. Each thumbnail can be assigned to multiple filters. The lightbox can set to open images based on a filter, a category or both.

An easy example

We can filter both stars and yellow items separately, some items are both stars, and yellow, Infinity gallery allows filtering those without repetition.

Live search

Search through all the item's descriptions and titles, live. Let your visitors find what they need to see quickly, and do it with style.

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    One of the factors that make Fluid infinity much better than other galleries is having the new features we have added such as search and multi-filtering so the end-user can find the right item quickly without getting confused among many images and videos. We ran many user tests to make the connection between these features the way to be as user-friendly as possible.

Remotely added contents

Add contents from Google sheets, or directly in Muse. Control, add, remove and change the content remotely.

Style the gallery in Muse, then use a Google sheet to add your content to the gallery.  Easily go back and make your changes in the Google sheets, instead of opening Muse again. You can share the Google sheet with your customers or colleagues and let them collaborate on your projects.

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    The Fluid Infinity is flexible when it comes to add content, there are three types of thumbnails in Muse such as Stand-alone thumbnails, and image-bulk thumbnails. In addition, if you would like to control you content remotely, you can connect a Google sheet to your gallery widget and update it remotely.


    You are not limited to a specific method, you can choose which gallery on th page uses Google sheets, and which one uses direct thumbnails.

Second Layout

The second layout of lightbox can be customized only for smaller devices. Users will get all the possible space, without losing any necessary content.

Mobile friendly

The additional mobile layout allows customizing the same controls you have on a smaller screen independently.

Some of the additional new
Easy access

New vertical Quick-view

More advanced

Stand-alone thumbnails.

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Breakpoints layout

Fluid infinity

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