<div class="Version_Items"> <date>August 1, 2017</date> <p> Version 2.12</p> <div> <strong><strong>1. </strong> Main Widget changes</strong> <ul> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>a. </strong>Fixes a phenomenon with the styling of the comments header when there is only one breakpoint.</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>b. </strong>Fixes a minor issue with previously occured with the hover formatting of the hyperlinks in certain cases</li> </ul> </div> <br> <div> <strong><strong>2. </strong> Recent posts</strong> <ul> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>a</strong> . Fixes a phenomenon which occured when using self-hosted fonts.</li> </ul> </div> </div><div class="Version_Items"> <date>July 24, 2017</date> <p> Version 2.11</p> <div> <strong><strong>1. </strong> Main Widget changes</strong> <ul> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>a. </strong>Fixes a phenomenon which occurs when using self-hosted fonts.</li> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>b. </strong>Fixes an issue with the loading of post list images on the alternate layouts.</li> </ul> </div> <br> <div> <strong><strong>2. </strong> General updates </strong> <ul> <li>&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>a</strong> . Minor bug fixes on both admin panel and the in-Muse Widgets.</li> </ul> </div> </div> <div class="Version_Items"> <date>June 28, 2017</date> <p> Version 2.0 </p> <div></div></div>
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Muse Blog/CMS v.2
Muse Widget

Version History
Muse Blog/CMS v.2

There is only one true Muse Blog/CMS

Native blogging system — true Content Management System for Muse.



The Native blogging system, Muse Blog. And Muse CMS, the Content Management System for Adobe Muse.



Top Features 

  • Fluid Styling
    • The revolutionary new way of styling the entire posts in Muse. The structure of the posts is customizable. Simply move, delete or add fields to create any type of dynamic posts, not just blog entries.

  • Admin backend
    • The blog runs on your own web hosting and has a powerful independent backend system. No third-party is involved, there is no Google sheets, WordPress and such, it is simply on your own hosting.

  • Muse CMS 
    • Use CMS fields to create your pages in Muse, style them individually like any other object. Use the Blog/CMS to manage the content later without even opening Muse.

  • Breakpoint-Oriented Layout / Styling 
    • Choose to style and layout the posts separately on each breakpoint, and/or have a different number of columns.



New Features 



CMS & Structure

  1. CMS: Dynamic loading of selected fields or images. Fully customizable, individual fields on any page of the website, content-managed centrally through the Blog/CMS.
  2. CMS: Variable post layout in Muse, greater styleabtlity. Customize to create any type of dynamic posts, not just blog entries.
  3. CMS: Variability of the structure of the posts (up to 10 additional customizable dynamic fields with selectable type and name). Also, remove any unwanted fields in Muse. Can even add an additional static design or text elements to the posts.
  4. Separate layouts for the post feed and the post pages
  5. Breakpoint-oriented variable style and layout
  6. Column layout option for the post feed – also variable on each breakpoint



New Functionality & Tools

  • Search function by text (title, text, tags, all custom fields)
  • Tag Cloud widget (automatic collection and weighting of the used tags with customizable display)
  • Scheduling posts (automatic publishing on selected date)
  • RSS support
  • Comments moderation / approval option
  • Email notification on new comments (with or without moderation)
  • SMTP mail compatibility (in addition to PHP mail)
  • Easier inline embedding of images natively uploaded through the blog
  • Category Menu: both horizontal and vertical orientation (also with fallback of horizontal into vertical)
  • Recent Posts widget: multiple categories selectable (in addition to one and unlimited). Also with fully renewed variable layout system + breakpoints variability



Misc Improvements

  • Meta tags optimization (FB / Addthis connectivity improvements)
  • The word “blog” removed from all URLs, so the widget can be used for a wider variety of projects
  • Number of thumbnails per row selectable
  • Resizing improvement for long images
  • Option: Apply 100% width to embedded images
  • Do not need to support both Database types to install. Having one will suffice for installation.
  • Diagnostic improvements in the configuration wizard
  • Option: Jump to relative blog top or to the page top (for pages with large headers)
  • Optimized Muse Widget interface
  • Passwords of new author accounts are not only sent per email, but also directly prompted, just in case of an email delay.


Included in the package

  1. One license (for each order ID), to use/install the Blog/CMS on two domains or subdomains. You can install unlimited instances of the Blog/CMS on each one of those two domains/subdomains, and each one can be reactivated unlimited times.
  2. Pre-designed blog samples (.Muse files)  + Plain Style (.Mulib file)
  3. The Blog/CMS library (.Mulib) contains the following widgets:
    1. Muse Blog/CMS & Category Menu
    2. Search Box
    3. Tag Cloud
    4. Recent Posts
    5. Post Field Loader
    6. Additional CSS
  •  ** Please note that you will be able to activate each license on a maximum of two domains/subdomains. Unlimited instances of the Blog/CMS can be installed and used on several directories on each domain/subdomain.  Each license can be used for one single end-customer of yours only.

Browser compatibility

The system may work on older versions and other browsers as well. 

  • Chrome 57 or higher
  • Safari 10 or higher
  • Firefox 51 or higher
  • Opera 31 or higher
  • Android Chrome 48 or higher
  • IE 11 or higher

Server requirements

Most servers meet the following requirements, but If you are unsure, please contact your hosting provider to check.

  1. PHP version 5.2.17 or greater
  2. BC (Business Catalyst) does not support PHP, so the blog/cms cannot be installed on BC (Business Catalyst) servers.
  3. Apache Server
  4. PDO MySQL / SQLite drivers installed
  5. Post_Max_Size set to 4MB or higher
  6. cURL
  7. mbstring extension


Documentation    Overview


Muse Blog/CMS Tutorial

on 26 Jun 2017
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