<div class="Version_Items"> <date>February 26, 2017</date> <p> Version 2.0 </p> <div> 1. Hover enabled. <br> <i> Now we can hover on the tooltips to open them.</i> <br><br> 2. Responsive. <br> <i> Unlike previous versions, now we can have the tooltip fully responsive.</i> <br><br> 3. Click on others copies. <br> <i> New option that you can choose to close the open one, by clicking on another focal points.</i> </div> </div>
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Media Focal Point
Muse Widget

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Media Focal Point

Put emphasis where it is needed, now more powerful than ever.

By giving the option to add video and image lightbox in its info panel, this Muse widget is the best way to create a point of interest for a project or product. Take a look at the features to find out about the unique options in this widget.



- Video & Image slideshow.

- Phone and Tablet friendly.

- Opening automatically.

- Highest level of customization.

- Media Thumbnail.


And so many other features that makes this widget the best way to use a video or image to put an emphasis on a specific part of your page.


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