<div class="Version_Items"> <date>March 9, 2017</date> <p> Version 1.3.4 </p> <div> 1. Vimeo / HTTPS. <br> <i>the issue with not playing Vimeo on HTTPS is fixed.</i> <br> <br> 2. Faster load-time. <br> <i> Due to optimizing the code, the performance is improved.</i> </div> </div>
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Fluid Pro Muse Widget


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Fluid Pro

The Ultimate Gallery widget for all Muse designers.

The most advanced Muse Gallery widget yet.

Fluid pro is an advanced Muse Widget that can be used to create a fully customized, responsive gallery. Fluid Pro is not only a simple gallery widget, with Fluid Pro you can simply organize your images/videos, create a fully customized layout, design a professional lightbox for all your media, have a unique URL for each image/video to be shared in social media, create multiple galleries on a page, and much more, in just minutes.



Breakpoint friendly -Fluid Pro is compatible and works flawlessly with the new breakpoint system.

Cutting-edge Slideshow - Advanced features in the slideshow. Zoom in/out, Download, Auto-Play, fullscreen, Quick-View and much more.

Animated Thumbnails - Fully Customizable animation when rearranging/filtering the thumbnails between categories.

Self Hosted Videos - In addition to Youtube and Vimeo videos, you can use your own MP4 file for each thumbnail, to be played in the lightbox.

Unique URL -Every image/video has a unique URL that opens the exact image/video in the lightbox when it is clicked. The URL can be shared in another page or any social media.

Responsive Height - Proportionally changing height, and percentage based height, both for in-gallery and stand-alone thumbnails.

Smart Hover - Unlimited possibilities of hover effect, the ability to change every aspect of thumbnail’s layout on hover state.

Images & Videos -The power to combine images and videos through the entire gallery and/or each category separately. Simply share any video from Youtube and Vimeo.

Consistent title & description - Consistent title and description between thumbnails and each slideshow panel, plus custom positioning.

Unlimited! -The ability to have unlimited galleries on each page, and unlimited category in each gallery, and unlimited images/videos in each category.

Stand-Alone Thumbnails -The new and powerful stand-alone thumbnails can be moved, resized and edited like any object in Muse but still link to the gallery and create any custom layout. Plus having responsive height on stand-alone thumbnails.

Image Filters - 16 professionally programmed photo filters for both normal and hover states on thumbnails, with a smooth transition on hover.


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Fluid Pro

on 28 Feb 2016
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