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Fluid Infinity
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Fluid Infinity

Simply put, the best image & video gallery widget for Muse.

The ultimate Adobe Muse image & video gallery widget. Designed and engineered exclusively for Adobe Muse. Muse Search Widget


Adobe Muse Fluid Infinity image & video gallery widget

The features in Fluid Infinity has never been in any Muse gallery before. The gallery is being developed from scratch, The new features such as lazy-load, commenting, smart-ratio, search function, and multi-filtering are all designed in-house, exclusively for Muse, and are not borrowed from external plugins, and it makes the gallery more stable, fast, and reliable in Muse. 

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Top features

For the first time in any Muse gallery



  • Remote Contents
    • Through Google Sheets

      It is simple, you want to add images and videos after you published your site, also you may want to allow your clients to do so, even if they do not have access to Muse. In Fluid infinity, we can use Google Sheets to update many aspects of the gallery items,  adding new items, and allow other to collaborate on this.

      Choose to update many aspects of your gallery via Google Sheets:

    • Images
    • Videos
    • Hyperlinks
    • Category names
    • Filters
    • Titles
    • Descriptions
    • Visibility
  • Commenting system 
    • Facebook and Disqus

      Choose to allow viewers to leave comments on your images and videos.

      Receive real feedback from your viewers as they are viewing your content, and receive comment on individual images and videos.

    • Fully customizable comment panel

      Style your built-in commenting systems interface directly through the widget and manage and moderate each individual items discussion.

  • Smart Ratio 
    • Image-based

      Each thumbnail has the ration of the image in it, it gives a unique size to each thumbnail based on its image proportion, and images in the gallery never get cut-off.

    • Percentage-based & Fixed

      You can choose to have the height of the thumbnails as a percentage of the browser window, or simply as a fixed pixel value.

  • Lazy loading 
    • Lazy Load

      A real and powerful lazy load function, engineered to work the best with Adobe Muse. By choosing the lazy load option, the gallery loads much faster, and also gives your visitors a much better experience even if there are many items in the gallery.

    • Auto lazy load & Load-more button

      Auto lazy load is simple, as soon as it is the time to load more images, the gallery does that for you. There is not only the scrolling factor, but the gallery looks for multiple factors to smartly loads the additional images at the right time.

      You can choose how many images you want to be loaded each time, and how many you want to be there when the page loads, you get all the controls you need…

  • Live search
    • Search through all Titles and Descriptions

      You can search through all your titles and description. The search engine is written from scratch by us at QooQee to make sure it works across breakpoints, smoothly and to deliver the best and seamless result in any device.


    • Customizable Search bar

      The search bar is fully customizable, the widget has many additional options to allow creating a search bar perfectly fit in your project.

  • Multi-filtering 
    • Use multiple filters and target specific gallery items.

      This is a big upgrade for Fluid. Now the gallery items are not limited to one filter, we can combine the filters in any way that we want by assigning multiple filters to each individual item. This allows us to organize the gallery without duplicating items.

    • Advanced Lightbox filtering

      The Lightbox filtering system in Fluid Infinity is designed to let us create multiple ways of showcasing our media. We can choose to open only the images in the same category of the clicked thumbnail, or all the thumbnails that share the same filter, or all the visible items. The best part is that we are able to combine these options as well.

  • Double layout 
    • Normal or mobile layout

      A separate Lightbox layout only for smaller devices. The second layout is designed to create the most efficient structure for the lightbox, when it is viewed on a touch/smaller device. You can also choose exactly when the second lightbox kicks in, and with the additional controls, you can choose which lightbox elements show up on the desktop layout, and which ones on the phone layout.

  • Direct Styling 
    • Style directly in Muse without using an option panel

      The text (Title & Description) can now be styled freely without using the options panel. You can change all the text attributes in Muse using the provided ready-to-design text boxes, just place the text boxed on the page and design every aspect of it.

  • Stand-alone 
    • Create any complex layout  — No boundaries

      The Stand-alone thumbnails are designed to allow creating the scattered form of a gallery. In the normal form of a gallery, thumbnails are being placed in the gallery container, but a stand-alone thumbnail can be moved, resized, and styled separately, allowing users to create customized layouts by using multiple copies of these stand-alone thumbnails, and placing them freely on the page.

    • Combine with normal thumbnails

      Let's imagine a situation when you have a normal gallery and you also want to have a few thumbnails somewhere else on the page. So, create the gallery normally by thumbnails, and use the same category names to add a few stand-alone thumbnails at the bottom of the page, completely free from the gallery-container boundaries. The additional stand-alone thumbnails at the bottom of the page will be connected to those in the gallery container, and at the same time placed separately on the page.

  • Multi-layer hover effect 
    • Unlimited variations

      Each thumbnail has multiple invisible layers, each contains an element, such as title, description, icon, and overlay. With the new controls, the gallery allows creating unlimited types of hover effects on the thumbnails.

    • Separately for each thumbnail

      In case you want to add more customizability, each thumbnail can have a unique icon and/or its own unique overlay color.

  • Remote triggering 
    • Any object or text can be used to open the gallery

      For example, you have setup your gallery, now instead of clicking on a thumbnail, you decide to click on a button to have the lightbox open. You can simply make any customized lightbox, gallery and trigger, place the trigger anywhere on the page and use it to open the gallery lightbox dynamically.

  • Video integration 
    • HTML (self hosted) videos

      If you need to host your videos yourself, Fluid Infinity allows you to simply add your own MP4 files. The gallery uses a unique algorithm to keep the loading of the HTML videos smooth, so it will not put too much load on the overall gallery.

    • Youtube & Vimeo

      You can easily paste any Youtube or Vimeo URL in a thumbnail, and showcase the video in the lightbox. The widget has many built-in controls for both Youtube and Vimeo which allow you to customize the embedded videos directly from the gallery options panel.

  • Custom sorting animation 
    • Create a customized animation

      The animating options for the filters allow you to create a fully customized animation for when a gallery button/filter is clicked, and thumbnails start being rearranged.

Fluid Infinity tutorial — Overview

on 28 Jan 2018
This video is an overview of the features we have in Fluid Infinity. Click on the links below to see detailed tutorials Comenting Filter & Searching Lightbox Main & Thumbnails Thumbnails Google Sheets PreviewHelp / Docs a.but00.but01 { color: rgb(255, 255, 255); line-height: 44px; letter-spacing: 0.5px; padding: 0px 26px 1px 26px; display: inline-block; margin...
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