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Adobe Xd plugin for typography


Find & Replace

A powerful find & replace that also works with texts in groups and masked groups.

Exact word
You can search for an exact word and replace it with a new word, this allow maximum control over the replace procedure, for example, you can replace all the instances of strand-alone, small-letter i with capital-letter I, without being worried about replacing the character i that are part of a word.
Case sensitive
Allows searching for the words with the exact case structure.

Unique resizing

Change the font-size & the line-spacing, on all the elements.

Unique on each element (Hierarchy control)
While you all the items are being resized, the new font-size and line-spacing are changing uniquely on each element based on their original values, so you always keep the original hierarchy on your design.
Max & Min controls
By controlling the maximum and minimum font-size, you can easily reshape the entire hierarchy of the entire project, and still, change the font-size values on all items in a second.

Case converter

Convert your text to uppercase, lowercase, title case or make it capitalize with just a click.

Sentence case.
Capitalize Each Word

Under the hood

Technologies in the Ink plugin

Group ready

The plugin reaches out deep into groups and masked-groups to apply the changes to the text elements within.

Auto push

The plugin pushes the overlapped texts down, so you don't need to be worried about overlapping elements.

Artboard select

Changes will automatically applie to the text elements in the selected artboard/s.