Color Ranger Pro v.2

Professional color editing tool for XD.
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Create a new version of your design in Dark mode or Light mode, or adjust colors in any way you like, just by a few clicks. The ColorRanger Pro allows adjusting the colors on your artboard, or multiple artboards, at once. It works with elements within groups and nested groups as well.
Adobe XD plugin by QooQee

New in version v.2

Advanced filtering
Apply changes to a specific color by targeting a range of colors. And even better, combine multiple color ranges to target multiple colors at once.
Live changes
You can see the changes live as you change the rangers, without any delay.
Panel plugin
With the panel plugin version, you can keep designing and when you need to make any changes to the colors do it without any interference with your workflow.
2x times faster
The changes now take place more than two times faster, and the changes apply smoothly regardless of how many elements are selected.

Advanced filtering

Instead of manually selecting out the elements,  select all the elements and use the simple, yet advanced, filtering features in Color Ranger Pro. It not only allows you to save time but you can be more precise on modifying your design.
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