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Web to App


 Bookmark and save the phone version of your site to the home screen, just like a native App. 

Web to App allows you and your visitors to save your mobile website like a native App in your iPhone and iPad.

The widget, which currently supports iPhone, iPod and iPad devices running iPhone OS 3 and above, slides in at the bottom of the website (when it is viewd on a cellphone) with instructions for creating the bookmark. The bubble automatically slides back out again after a few seconds if the user does not interact with it.



1. Place the widget in your phone/tablet layout (where you want the message to show up)
2. To customize the pop-up window,  select the widget itself, change the color, font, shape, stroke and everything you need to change.
3. It is important to place the Click-Fix widget in your master page, or if you do not have a master page in your project, in all pages that will be included in your App..

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