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Fullscreen Video


Use your MP4 video files as a background video, take advantage of the advanced filtering and breakpoint features in this widget. Muse Search Widget


Adobe Muse Fullscreen Video Palyer widget

We have been enhancing this video player for four years now, it is not only a simple fullscreen video player but it provides you with multiple playback features. The "Fullscreen video more paly" code is a simple code (not that you need to know about the code, just for a piece of mind), but we have enhanced it and made sure it is playing the best in all the situations, after all, you need consistency and reliability in your web pages.

Help / Documentation




  • Adding video
    • Both Direct and URL

      You can either add the video files directly in Muse or you can simply paste the URL of your videos

      Supported files

    • MP4
    • OGG
    • WEBM
  • Poster Imgae 
  • Breakpoint options
    • You can simply choose when to hide the video, in smaller breakpoints.

  • Playback options 
    • Add your favorite overlay effect.

    • Control the opacity of your overlay effect.

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