<div class="Version_Items"> <date>Sep 17, 2017</date> <p> Version 1.1.20 </p> <div> 1. The issue with multiple instances is fixed. <br> 2. Enhanced compatibility to work along with other widgets. </div> </div>
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Animated Entry
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Animated Entry

Animate in seconds, literally.

Animate in seconds, literally in seconds. Probably the most powerful tool in Muse to make animations. Muse Search Widget


Adobe Muse Animated Entry widget

We know, there have been many attempts to create a good animation widget for Muse, we gave it a thought too. Making animation was the first intention, but the more important fact that we focused on was the ease of use, we simply wanted to make it easy to create powerful animated objects in Muse. After doing many experiments and user testing, we came up with the Animate Entry Pro widget, which we believe is the most solid, powerful, and easy-to-use animation making Muse widget yet.

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Top Features 

  • Fast
    • Select object, type the movement, and you are all set — No need for Graphic/Paragraph Style.

  • Indicators 
    • 15 indicators. Have your object move up, down, scale, rotate, fade in, and much much more. The beauty of these little indicators is that you can combine them.

  • Starting-values 
    • Save time and set the default starting values that can be applied to all objects that the widget is applied to.

  • Individual targeting + Unique values 
    • Simply type the indicators followed by a unique value to override the default values. The unique values allow combining the starting values and in some other objects take advantage of a new set of values different from the default ones. This makes the widget a perfect option for beginners and for professionals as well.



Animate Entry Pro tutorial

on 28 Jul 2017
​​ Preview Help / Docs Learn how you can create animated entrance effect on an object, using the Animate Entry Muse widget.
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