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Tooltip Navigation
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Tooltip Navigation

Create the most trendy, yet advanced navigation in-page system.

Create a luxurious navigation system in minutes and enjoy the clean and minimal design we already set-up for you to fully control and customize.


Easy, smart and responsive friendly:

To make a legit tooltip navigation system, you need to consider many factors, from responsive layout to the proper movement at the tooltips and how the icons appear. We have done everything for you and it is ready to be used, and be loved.



Game-Changing features:

  • Super easy instalation. 
  • No hassle for making the responsive layout, it is fully automatic.
  • Icon-on-hover for each tooltip separately.
  • Coonected directly to your anchors and activates when the certain anchor is active.
  • Unlimited amount anchors and tooltips, duplicate as many as you want.



Available with the Ultimate Pass

Tooltip Navigation

on 06 Jun 2016
Preview Here Tooltip Navigation Allows creating a unique, fully responsive and fully stylable navigation for one-page projects.
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