<div class="Version_Items"> <date>february 07, 2017</date> <p> Version 1.7 </p> <div> 1. Manual song titles. <br> <i> Song titles are fixed.</i> <br> <i> The titles can be different from the song's name and can be entered manually.</i> </div> </div>
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Audio Player
Muse Widget

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Audio Player

Highly advanced Audio player muse widget, with customizable controls and playlist.

Audio Player Muse widget is an advanced mp3 audio player, it allows you to customize each part of your player as a separate object. You will be able to remove and add parts to the player as you customize the widget, and also use a customizable and responsive playlist.


- Advanced Triggering options.

- Using a fluid structure allows designing every single aspect of the player.

- Customizable Playlist.

- Browser Notification.

- Multiple Players on each page.



Available with the Ultimate Pass

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