<div class="Version_Items"> <date>Feb 10, 2018</date> <p> Version 1.8.41 </p> <div> 1. The speed issue on Safari browsers is fixed. Multiple browser loading-speed issues are fixed. <br> 2 . The issue with the close button is fixe. <br> 3 . Sizing issues with iOS10.x and iOS11.x are fixed <br> 4 . New compatibility fix for nesting Multi-level accordion. <br> 5 . Additional browser compatibility. All the errors appeared randomly in older browsers are fixed. </div> </div>
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Responsive Muse Menu
Muse Widget

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Responsive Muse Menu

Multi-Purpose Muse push menu, with fully responsive behavior, and in all directions.

All purpose, all direction, and fully responsive navigation widget for Adobe Muse.

Simply drag & drop text boxes, images, buttons, or other objects in the menu container.You can also choose to turn on the responsive option on each nested object and use the pinning feature in Muse to design a fully styled navigation.
The menu not only can open in all directions but you can choose to have it opened as a fullscreen menu, turn on/off the push effect or have it smoothly fade in. A true breakpoint friendly widget. The menu container itself and even the content inside the container can be resized and rearranged for each breakpoint separately.


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Breakpoint friendly - Responsive Muse Menu is compatible and works flawlessly with the new breakpoint system.


All directions + Fade - Top, Right, Bottom, left, Top-Fullscreen, Right-Fullscreen, Bottom-Fullscreen, Left-Fullscreen, Fade.


Push - Push effect can be applied to any direction (except fade, since fade has no push).


Drag & Drop - No complication, no hassle, just drag and drop your content inside the menu container and you are all set.


Smart widget - The widget container is designed to portray how the menu will look like in the preview. The widget container shows a poster image to designer based on the selected options in the widget option panel.


Page Effect - Applies Blur and Grayscale effect to the page behind the menu, if selected in th widget options.

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