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Responsive Slideshow v.2
Muse Widget

Responsive Slideshow v.2

Turn the default Muse slideshow widget into a responsive slideshow, for real.

Percentage-based and Smart height for Muse responsive slideshow. Muse Search Widget


Adobe Muse Responsive Slideshow widget — version.2

This is a must-have widget for any designer who wants to add a responsive slideshow in a Muse website. The version 2 not only allows percentage-based and proportional height on a default Muse slideshow, but it also allows having the controls and caption being controlled in a much easier way than what we have by default. Ease of use if not the only advantage of using this widget, but the aligning possibilities we have through this widget are not even available in a default Muse slideshow in Adobe Muse.

Turn the default responsive Slideshow in Muse into a practical and easy to control fully-responsive slideshow gallery just by placing this widget next to the default slideshow in Muse.

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New Features 

  • Smart Height
    • Each image keeps its proportion and quality, as soon as the image changes into another the height of the slideshow adjusts itself to keep the proportion of the new image.

  • Percentage-based height 
    • Simply choose to keep the slideshow's height equal to a percentage of the browser's height.

  • Smart positioning 
    • No more hassle! There is no need to be worried about next/previous or the captions position as the slides change, keep the controls and caption exactly where you want them based on the width and height of each image in the slideshow.

  • Selective application 
    • Unlike the previous version, now you can target certain slideshows, with even customized options for each, disabling and enabling it on each breakpoint as you desire.



Responsive Slideshow v.2 tutorial

on 28 Sep 2017
​​ Preview Help / Docs Learn how to use the Responsive Slideshow Muse widget version 2.
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Responsive Slideshow

on 05 Apr 2016
Preview Here Responsive Muse Slideshow Widget turns all the slidehow widgets into responsive. By placing this widget on the page, any Muse Slidehow widget (Except the Lightbox Slideshow) can become responsive, you can also control which parts of the Slideshow widgets become responsive. Parts of the Muse Slideshow widget that become responsive: Muse Slideshow widget itself - The main ...
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