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Abandoned Magic Icons


Magic Icons are pre-designed to give users the ability to change the color of their Icons inside Adobe Muse, without using Photoshop or any other application.

All the QooQee Magic Icons are designed to work with a same format – It means that you can use our other Icon packs and as soon as you paste them into your Muse Project, the colors will be automatically set to the previous icons color scheme that you used before.


1.  Open the Magic pack .Muse file.
2.  Change the last 4 colors in your Swatch panel in Muse.
3.  Copy/Paste your favorite Icon into your Muse project.


If you purchased any of our color manageable Templates such as Idea Muse Theme, you do not even need to change the color scheme of your icons. You just simply paste the icon into your template, and the icon’s color automatically changes into the template’s color scheme.

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