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Muse Blog v.1.18 (new features)

on 11 Mar 2016


What is New in QooQee Muse Blog v1.18


  • Frontend interface wording manual editability (multilingual / customizable)
  • Creation Date of the posts manual editability
  • Date language and date / time formatting customization
  • A custom HTML code can be appended to all post pages (e.g. addthis sharing buttons, custom graphics, links, etc.)
  • Controll over whether non-admin authors may rename / delete categories
  • Outgoing admin account emails free from product name and branding
  • Fixed a phenomenon that caused issues if the blog title contained an apostrophe
  • Fixed an issue with older PHP versions and special characters on comments or category names
  • Optimized Facebook sharing connectivity
  • Optimized error reporting of the installation wizard
  • Blog and Category widgets both responsive
  • Add-on widget for long custom CSS codes
  • Recent Posts widget v2.0



  • Recent Posts widget v2.0
  • New AJAX connectivity directly to the server-side blog application
  • Selectable category
  • Multiple widgets on the same page possible
  • Unlimited maximum number of recent posts (no longer limited to 20)
  • Independent from the SEO settings of the blog

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