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Animated Slider Muse Widget

on 23 Sep 2015

Animated Slider allows you to create fully customized animations in your sliders. If you already used a composition eidget as your slider, all you need to do is to place the widget inside your slider and start adding an animation.



- Fully Customized transition.

- Animations play on phone and tablet devices as well.

- Works with composition widgets.

- Advanced animating options.

- Can be applied to other objects by Graphic Style name.



Animated Slider is now a trendy feature on every website
Sliders are one of the most important parts of a web presence, but do we have to create them motionless, like they used to be?  No!
By using Adobe Muse and the Animated Slider widget, you can create an Animated slider in minutes, and the process is much easier than what we have in any other platforms. QooQee Animated Sliders Widget allows you to keep the sliders that you already have and add motion to their content, which saves you plenty of time. We have done so many experiments to craft this widget so it works flawlessly on any Muse composition slider.