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Animated Object Muse Widget

on 23 Sep 2015

*Also included in the widget bundle.

Animate Object Muse widget allows you to animate your content within minutes by using 70+ preset animations, or you can choose to customize the movements and create your own transition, and the advanced triggering options allow you to determine when and how the animation starts.
There are so many other interesting features in this widget, take a look at the PREVIEW to see more.



- Fully Customized animation + reversed transition option.

- Remote triggering / Page Notifications.

- Advanced applying methods.

- +70 preset animations.

- Time sensitive fading.

- And many different features that makes this widget unique, See For Yourself.



We have done so many experiments in order to create this unique widget, this widget not only creates animated objects but allows you to create multimedia and fully controllable animations that cannot be achieved through any other method in Muse.