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Prodigy Ultimate Muse Theme

on 21 Sep 2015

The widgets that we have created specifically for this template, makes it one of the most advanced Muse templates in the market. Most of these widget have never been available for the users before, crafted originally by QooQee and cannot be found in any other products.

Widgets included:

  1. Fluid v.2
  2. Video&Link Extension
  3. Title&Description Extension
  4. Animated-Transition Pro
  5. Smoothenr
  6. Scale-Hover
  7. Blind-Hover
  8. Translator
  9. Google Map Styler
  10. Tumblr Blog Widget
  11. Widthy video widget

  • The widgets used in this template, that are included in the store, will also be available to be downloaded seperately and will be provided for you to download through your account