About Us

We are passionate about interactive media, and in this business age, we believe having a website for your company is essential. We specialize in a multi-disciplined approach to incorporate design and functionality and bring you the best template. We work across a broad range of categories in the digital realm, both from a design and a technical perspective.

Our work doesn’t end here. We firmly believe going above and beyond the parameters is crucial for your own personal achievement and development as it reflects back into the work you produce for clients. At work, we’re known for our love of extracurricular activity! We enjoy creating side projects outside of our working lives to share and engage with others. This can be through competitions, websites or games. Work makes up such a big part of our lives, and we believe in expanding our ideas and skills without needing it to be on a client brief.
QooQee is a Jacksonville, FL-based company founded by Ali Pordeli, who has been working as an Animator and Print Designer for 14 years. The focus of the company orients on web design with an emphasis on affordable web template products and services. We pioneered in creating and selling high high-quality web products such as Fluid Gallery for both Webflow and Muse, page slider, and the only available true Blog system for Adobe Muse.
Our clients, partners, and ven our competitors are delighted by our work. The quality of service and products are constantly upgrading. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the different product available only in QooQee. We place great importance to your comments and suggestions and encourage you to share your ideas and improvements with us.



Overall, the aim of our team is to produce grade A quality, professional, and unique web products. In order to achieve this goal, we implement several strategies: we plan ahead and prepare for all new versions of web platforms that will be released in the future, we explore the tools and features in web platforms to produce unique products, and we remain conscious of all team member abilities to move ahead as a cohesive unit. In addition, as a team, we hope to develop greater knowledge of relevant material and develop the necessary skills, while trying at all times to bring humor, fun, and premium web products.

Ali Pordeli

CEO & Founder