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Multi-Level Accordion Muse Widget

Multi-Level Accordion

Create unlimited levels for your accordion in Muse.

A panneling system Muse Widget that allows creating powerfull menus and acocordions with unlimited sublevels.

Creating a default accordion is easy, but it is difficult to control it though breakpoints, match all the parts together, get a consistent spacing, and more importantly with a default accordion we can have only one sublevel. On the other hand, Multi-level Accordion allows you to do all these in a matter of seconds, and provides many more features as well.


The Multi-Level Accordion is a flexible widget that allows you to easily create accordions with unlimited sublevels. Each tab can be styled individually for the text, color, background, size and more. You can also add your own custom icons to each tab. The widget is breakpoint friendly and fully responsive. This widget can be used to create FAQ-like accordions or to display your information in an organized manner.



Style each individual tab's text, color, and size. Fully customize the arrows. Add your own personal icons.



Available with the Ultimate Pass

Multi-Level Accordion

on 15 Jun 2016
Preview Here Multi-Level Accordion The easiest way of creating an organized multi level accordion/menu with many additional features, only at QooQee.
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