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The most reliable and advanced Muse widgets; tools to make your Muse website stands out.

We run advanced usability tests, and make sure you will have the best experience you can get. QooQee widgets are unique in the market, and are made with the intention of adding new features and expand the boundaries when creating a website in Muse.

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QooQee Templates are easy to use and can be fully customized in Muse, without having any coding skills.

The level of precision and details in QooQee templates is height. We study the trends every day, and we create what makes you look sharp. Our Muse Templates have been tested many times to make sure you will save as much time as possible in the design process.

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Advanced Preloader

on 25 May 2016
Preview Here Highly advanced, native, responsive and fully customizable preloader Muse widget, with percentage, loading bar and animations.
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Menu Smart

on 24 May 2016
Preview Here Muse Menu Smart is the best method of having a menu on phones and tablets. When users are viewing your site on a smaller screen, typically when they’re scrolling up, they’re trying to reach the top of the page to access the menu. This Muse widget is great for use on mobile and tablet devices. It allows you to hide the menu when users are scrolling down, allowing users to focus on your content. The menu comes back into view, when users need it, as they scroll up. It can also be used for desktop if you want to have your menu show up after the user scrolls a certain distance down your page. This could be useful for introducing the menu after a user scrolls past a header or...
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Responsive Slideshow

on 05 Apr 2016
Preview Here Responsive Muse Slideshow Widget turns all the slidehow widgets into responsive. By placing this widget on the page, any Muse Slidehow widget (Except the Lightbox Slideshow) can become responsive, you can also control which parts of the Slideshow widgets become responsive. Parts of the Muse Slideshow widget that become responsive: Muse Slideshow widget itself - The main slides of any Muse Slideshow widget will become responsive. Thumbnails / Triggert - The thumbnails of any Muse Slideshow widget will become responsive. Next / Previous / Close buttons - The controls of Muse Slideshow widgets will become responsive, including Next button, Previous button and the Cl...
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Responsive Composition Widget

on 29 Mar 2016
Preview Here Responsive Muse Composition Widget turns all the composition widget into responsive. By placing this widget on the page, any Muse Composition widget can become responsive, you can also control which parts of the Composition widgets become responsive. Parts of the Muse composition widget that become responsive: Composition widget itself - The main container of any Muse composition widget become responsive. Lightbox - The lightbox form of any Muse Composition widget will become responsive. Thumbnails / Trigger - The thumbnails of any Muse Composition widget will become responsive. Next / Previous / Close buttons - The controls of Muse Composition widgets will become respo...
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Responsive Height Muse widget

on 29 Mar 2016
Preview Here Responsive Height is a Muse that allows users to create objects with proportionally changing height, or percentage based height to those objects. Adobe Muse allows users to create objects with responsive width, but having a proportional height is a life savor in most cases, which is not possible to add in Muse by default, but this little Muse Widget allows you to have that. .but00:hover { opacity:0.7; }
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Muse Blog Recent posts

on 11 Mar 2016
Recent Posts Widget v2.0 New AJAX connectivity directly to the server-side blog application Selectable category Multiple widgets on the same page possible Unlimited maximum number of recent posts (no longer limited to 20) Independent from the SEO settings of the blog
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Muse Blog v.1.18 (new features)

on 11 Mar 2016
What is New in QooQee Muse Blog v1.18 Frontend interface wording manual editability (multilingual / customizable) Creation Date of the posts manual editability Date language and date / time formatting customization A custom HTML code can be appended to all post pages (e.g. addthis sharing buttons, custom graphics, links, etc.) Controll over whether non-admin authors may rename / delete categories Outgoing admin account emails free from product name and branding Fixed a phenomenon that caused issues if the blog title contained an apostrophe Fixed an issue with older PHP versions and special characters on comments or category names Optimized Facebook sharing connectivity Op...
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Fluid Pro

on 28 Feb 2016
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Muse Blog

by QooQee on 03 Dec 2015
QooQee Muse Blog is the ultimate solution for creating a true, self hosted blog for Adobe Muse. The blog runs on your own hosting, and is completely independent from any other third party websites. Creating a SEO friendly blog, editing your blog from any device, giving access to your friends and colleagues to edit the blog, and most importantly designing your blog directly in Muse are only a few aspects that we have in QooQee Muse Blog.
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Animated Object Muse Widget

on 23 Sep 2015
*Also included in the widget bundle. Animate Object Muse widget allows you to animate your content within minutes by using 70+ preset animations, or you can choose to customize the movements and create your own transition, and the advanced triggering options allow you to determine when and how the animation starts. There are so many other interesting features in this widget, take a look at the PREVIEW to see more. FEATURES: - Fully Customized animation + reversed transition option. - Remote triggering / Page Notifications. - Advanced applying methods. - +70 preset animations. - Time sensitive fading. - And many different features that makes this widget unique, See For Yourself. ...
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